Introducing Our New Studio
June 02, 2016
Nine Favorites from 2017

Sarah and Joe Petty were interviewed by Tim Landis, Business Editor at the local State-Journal Register about our new studio, coming this summer.  Click here to read about the exciting details.  We'll be sharing more peeks at the place as the construction continues!  CLICK HERE TO READ THE ARTICLE 

Moving Day at Sarah Petty Photography!
June 01, 2016
Nine Favorites from 2017

We've been dreaming about this day for....YEARS....LITERALLY!  Yesterday, Sarah and I packed up our little studio in the Gables and sent it off to storage.  We've shared so many great moments with our clients in that space.  We've seen families grow right before our cameras from engagements, to pregnancies, to first babies, to siblings, to tearful moms sending their last babies off to kindergarten.  We've shared laughter and tears in consultations, sessions and presentations.  And Sarah and I have felt these moments in our studio with our own families.  But with the bittersweet feeling of closing one door, comes the MAJOR EXCITEMENT of opening our new doors this summer!  Our new studio will be unbelievable and we can't wait to share it with you.  We had to end  moving day with a stop by the new digs to take some overly excited selfies.  Stay tuned for more details! 

Just Jack - Baby Photography - Sarah Petty Photography Springfield IL
May 11, 2016
Nine Favorites from 2017

Little Jack gets his own post!  Soulful little eyes and sweet face, we can't wait to see who he becomes.  Welcome to the world!